Smart Home

Smithav extends its offerings beyond audio/video gadgets, now providing advanced lighting control services. Elevate your space with personalized automation, seamlessly integrated by skilled technicians. Enhance ambiance, conserve energy, and enjoy the convenience of modern lighting solutions. Smithav ensures a tailored, sophisticated approach for a complete home entertainment and lifestyle experience.

How we provide

Smithav enhances homes by offering expert lighting control services. Skilled technicians seamlessly integrate personalized automation, optimizing ambiance and energy efficiency. Elevate your living experience with modern, tailored lighting solutions that add convenience and sophistication. Experience a complete home entertainment and lifestyle upgrade with Smithav’s innovative services.

you can achieve


Often with the use of a mobile phone, table, or custom remote specific to a product, lighting products now enhance the capabilities of homeowners.


One of the more fun aspects of smart homes, many entertainment products are now heavily connected to each other and can be controlled with a single remote.


One of the most reasonable aspects of a smart home is the enhanced security capabilities. Many products now have camera capabilities that track motion, capture video, or allow for live video feeds.

our process

Smart Home Solutions are seamlessly provided through a streamlined process. After understanding your needs, our experts integrate cutting-edge technology into your home, ensuring a personalized and intelligent living experience. From initial consultation to expert installation, we prioritize efficiency, convenience, and the seamless integration of smart features tailored to your lifestyle