Smart Commercial Automation

Smithav extends its expertise beyond audio/video gadgets, specializing in Commercial Automation services. Elevate efficiency and functionality in your business space. Our skilled technicians seamlessly integrate cutting-edge automation technology, providing tailored solutions that enhance productivity and contribute to a streamlined and technologically advanced commercial environment.

Automation Comes with

smart home

Transform your living spaces into intelligent havens with our Smart Home solutions, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies for enhanced comfort and control.


Forge a reliable and high-speed digital connection with our Networking services, ensuring seamless communication and connectivity for both home and business environments.


Immerse yourself in unparalleled auditory experiences with our High-Performance Audio solutions, curated to deliver crystal-clear sound and elevate your entertainment moments.


Ensure the safety of your spaces with our Surveillance System, offering advanced monitoring solutions that provide peace of mind and real-time security insights.


Elevate your security measures with our Smart Security solutions, integrating intelligent technologies to safeguard your home or business with enhanced access control and monitoring.

Centralized Distribution

Are you ready for complete control and connectivity in your business?Your staff can rely on easier control and access while cutting down on wall clutter and equipment. When you want to expand your system, the process is simple. Every device and room are added on individually as another node in the network. Talk to us regarding total centralized control for your facility

Integrated Room Control

Smart technology increases productivity and efficiency in your business. Technology in the executive office, boardroom, conference room, and other areas of your business can be controlled with a simple system that allows for streamlined work. For example, when an account executive presents to clients from a laptop, by pressing a single “Presentation” button will turn on the video display, start the audio, lower blackout shades, and dim lights all at once. 



Connected Home

Automation allows businesses to perform routine and repetitive tasks with speed and precision, reducing the likelihood of errors. This efficiency often leads to faster production and service delivery

Energy Management

Whether you’re looking to “go green” or simply reduce your monthly energy expenditures, smart technology can help you do it. Thanks to usage-tracking features, real-time alerts, and easy-to-adjust automatic settings.

Lighting Control

Lighting is fundamental for a happy, healthy, and safe home. From enhancing the beauty of your space to bolstering security to managing energy usage, your lighting does a lot for your property – and looks good doing it

Smart Building Technology

Using smart automation systems in your building can save energy and money for your business. Maximize efficiency of resources while reducing energy costs with intelligent building technology. Every aspect of business is important; saving money on energy lowers your bottom line and gives you the freedom to invest that capital elsewhere. Real-time usage monitoring and complete network control of Audio/Video systems, climate control, lighting systems, and other electronic systems allows for optimized adjustments or automatic power-down.