Structured cabling

Smithav extends services beyond audio/video gadgets, providing expert Structured Cabling solutions. Elevate connectivity with seamless installations by skilled technicians. From custom setups to optimizing data and communication networks, Smithav ensures reliable, organized, and future-proof cabling infrastructures for enhanced efficiency and performance in your space.

Smithav delivers Structured Cabling services through a meticulous process. Skilled technicians conduct consultations to understand specific connectivity needs. Transparent communication ensures clarity in pricing and service details. The team executes seamless installations, optimizing data and communication networks. Regular training keeps technicians updated on industry standards. Post-service, our customer support team addresses inquiries promptly, ensuring a reliable, organized, and future-proof cabling infrastructure tailored to enhance efficiency and performance.

It’s Straightforward

The world we live in is dominated by data. While it has only been a decade since Apple released the first iPad the technology market has exploded much in line with Moore’s Law prediction regarding exponential growth of computing power. We now take for granted something that was ‘magical’ only a decade ago. Although much of business technology has gone wireless in recent years, structured cabling systems are still vital to your infrastructure. 

It’s Straightforward

Structured cabling systems have a high level of straightforwardness when it comes to organisation. Most businesses use different kinds of devices and IT equipment at the same time. As such, using a single system reduces the complexity that comes with deploying multiple wiring infrastructure in the same place. In case there is a problem, it will be effortless to identify and solve the issue if you were running everything using structured network cabling

Support for Multiple Services

Structured cabling supports various services such as data, voice, video, and other building management systems

Reliability and Performance

A well-designed structured cabling system ensures reliable and high-performance network connectivity.

Standards Compliance

Structured cabling follows industry standards, such as those set by organizations like TIA/EIA and ISO/IEC

how our team work

The Smithav team operates cohesively to deliver exceptional services. Beginning with customer inquiries, our skilled technicians engage in consultations, ensuring a thorough understanding of individual needs. Through transparent communication, we provide clarity in pricing and service details. The team then executes seamless installations, whether for audio/video gadgets, structured cabling, or multimedia rooms. Regular training keeps our technicians updated on the latest technologies. Post-service, our customer support team promptly addresses inquiries. The Smithav team is dedicated to a customer-centric, responsible, and innovative approach, creating a holistic experience for our valued clients in the ever-evolving landscape of home technology.