Smithav provides more than audio/video gadgets, extending services to include expert Wi-Fi and network solutions. Elevate your connectivity with seamless installations, ensuring optimal performance. Skilled technicians tailor solutions for an advanced digital lifestyle.

Connected Home

  • Sophisticated networks streamline connections between AV, security and more
  • Revitalize your home by enabling all of your technology to work together
  • Bring technology under one device for a refined, luxurious lifestyle


with wifi you can have


Wi-Fi: Offers flexibility in device placement and movement, supporting a mobile and dynamic environment. Network: Allows for the creation of both wired and wireless networks, accommodating different needs and preferences.


Wi-Fi: Enhances accessibility to the internet, enabling users to connect multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Network: Provides accessibility to shared resources, promoting efficient collaboration and data sharing among connected devices.


Wi-Fi: Boosts productivity by enabling users to access information, collaborate, and perform tasks from various locations within the Wi-Fi range. Network: Facilitates efficient communication and data transfer, contributing to increased productivity in both personal and professional settings.

Cost Savings

Wi-Fi: Reduces the need for extensive cabling infrastructure, leading to cost savings in installation and maintenance. Network: Enables the sharing of resources such as printers and servers, optimizing resource utilization and potentially reducing hardware costs.


Wi-Fi: Allows for easy expansion of wireless coverage by adding access points, supporting scalability as the number of connected devices grows. Network: Scalable to accommodate the addition of new devices, making it adaptable to changing requirements.


Wi-Fi: Supports mobility, as users can connect and move within the Wi-Fi coverage area without being tethered by cables. Network: Enables devices to communicate and share resources regardless of their physical location within the network.


Our responsible approach extends to environmental considerations, promoting energy-efficient solutions in our services. With a customer-centric focus, Smithav strives to address inquiries promptly, ensuring post-service support and maintaining long-lasting relationships.