Restaurants And Bars

Smithav extends its offerings beyond audio/video gadgets, providing specialized services for bars and restaurants. Elevate the ambiance and entertainment experience in your establishment with our expert solutions. From audio and visual setups to customized installations, Smithav ensures a seamless blend of technology and atmosphere for a memorable patron experience.

our process

Smithav provides comprehensive services for bars and restaurants by first understanding the specific needs and ambiance requirements. Our skilled team conducts consultations to tailor audio and visual setups to the establishment’s theme. Seamless installations, including customized solutions, ensure a perfect blend of technology and atmosphere. Smithav prioritizes transparent communication, offering clarity in pricing and service details.


Elegant Dining

At a fine dining restaurant, expect to find upscale meals that feature several courses, e.g. salad, appetizer, entrée, and dessert. The purpose of fine dining is to create an atmosphere of elegance and class. As such, you end up paying for both the food and the experience.


Smithav takes pride in delivering responsible and reliable services. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the expertise of our skilled technicians, who ensure seamless installations and optimal performance. We prioritize safety and security, implementing robust measures for both audio/video gadgets and Wi-Fi services. Regular updates, including firmware and security enhancements, showcase our dedication to staying ahead in technology. Smithav maintains transparency in pricing, offering clear communication to build trust with our customers.