Smith modern home

Smith Modern Home invites you to redefine your living experience, where every corner is adorned with contemporary design and infused with state-of-the-art technology, creating a sanctuary of modern elegance.

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Technology for Smart Homes

 Flawless Command of Your Home’s Lighting, Entertainment, Climate and Security


  1. Simply swipe your preferred smartphone to take control of your opulent house
  2. Use the gadget of your choice to control your opulent house with a single tap.
  3. Gain remote access to security, surveillance, and lighting from any location in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, as well as worldwide.

Distribution in Centralized Form

Unparalleled Technology Control for an Unparalleled Lifestyle.


  1. Colocate unattractive equipment and hardware to simplify your decor
  2. Keep your guest house, pool house, and main residence’s interiors immaculate.
  3. Easily control the lighting, temperature, and entertainment with a single device.

Automated Window Treatments

Extraordinary Style and Privacy Are Provided by High-Precision Shade Control.


  1. Select from an array of upscale design, fabric, and color choices.
  2. Close all the shades with diligence to preserve your family’s privacy.
  3. Control natural light to protect fragile furniture and artwork.

Climate Control

 An Exceptional Environment for Living with Easy Climate Control

  1. Perfect control using voice commands, touchpad, or mobile app 
  2. Set up automated settings according to the season, day of the week, or room.
  3. Remotely change the temperature to have vacation rentals ready for you to arrive

Control System for Lighting

Customize the Lighting in Your House to Boost Security, Relaxation, and Productivity

  1. Elevate your décor with chic, individually engraved keypads.
  2. Curated environments for hosting events, seeing films, or unwinding after work
  3. Stunning landscape lighting for a strong first impression and safety

Control the Media

Savor Unmatched Entertainment, Sensational Control, and Outstanding Quality

  1. Personalized control using high-end keypads, touchpads, or smartphone apps
  2. 4K monitors and in-ceiling speakers will revitalize your décor.
  3. Superior audio and visual quality both indoors and outside

Smart Home

Visualize Framework that Facilitates Communication Across All of Your Devices With diligence

  1.  Advanced networks simplify interactions across security, AV, and other areas.
  2. Make your entire home more functional by making all of your electronics operate together.
  3. Organize technology into a single gadget for an opulent, sophisticated lifestyle.

Voice Guidance.

The Ultimate in Luxury Is Available in Voice-Activated Home

  1. To adjust the music, video, lighting, and environment, just speak naturally.
  2. Intelligent AI can comprehend complicated orders with ease.
  3. Turn smart speakers into the only digital assistants you have.